A Prayers of the People Resource

This is a resource for creative expressions of Prayers of the People used for worship in Episcopal Churches. In the Episcopal Church we offer Prayers of the People during our services of Holy Eucharist. Our Book of Common Prayer encourages us to use forms found in the Book of Common Prayer or create our own Prayers of the People following these guidelines. Click on the links below to find various creative expressions or adaptations of Prayers of the People.  Please email if you have Prayers of the People that you would like to share with others on this website. When submitting Prayers of the People, please be sure to use the guidelines offered in the Book of Common Prayer and copies below. Please send your name, title, and your church’s full name along with a link to your church’s website.


Book of Common Prayer Guidelines (BCP, 383)

Prayer is offered with intercession for

The Universal Church, its members, and its mission
The Nation and all in authority
The welfare of the world
The concerns of the local community
Those who suffer and those in any trouble
The departed (with commemoration of a saint when appropriate)

Any of the forms which follow may be used (BCP, 383-393).

Adaptations or insertions suitable to the occasion may be made.


 Prayers of the People Links

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