Prayers of the People

General Sunday

General Prayers of the People

Pastor Jane Jeuland

Christ Church, Trumbull CT


Father, fill us and believers throughout our diocese and world with the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we all may continue to draw people to you.

Father, we ask that you would fill all those in authority with the wisdom that you gave to Solomon.

Jesus, you said, my peace I give you.” We ask that you would bring an end to the sin of racism and fill the world with that peace which surpasses all understanding.

Father, you are the God of compassion. We ask that you would be present with all those who suffer from any kind of financial, mental, physical, or spiritual distress.

We especially pray today that you would heal and comfort:

Jesus, you said, “blessed are those who mourn.” We pray for all those who grieve especially for the loved ones of….

And now I invite any additional prayerrequests for traveling, birthdays,


Celebrant prays for all prayer requests.

Heavenly Father, you have promised to hear what we ask in the Name of your Son;

Accept and fulfill our petitions, we pray, as you know and love us in your Son

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.