Christ Church Trumbull Vestry

  • Jessica Moynihan, Sr. Warden

    Jessica was not a part of a faith following growing up. However, when she moved to Trumbull in 2020, she felt God calling her to the church. She joined Christ Church because of how welcoming the community and priest were. She knew in her heart that Christ Church Tashua was the perfect place to learn about Christianity and to worship God. Pastor Jane baptized her in January of 2021 and soon after confirming her faith, Jessica quickly jumped into participating in various ministries within the church. Jessica joined Vestry for the first time in 2023 as Senior Warden. She is dedicated to helping out in any way she can and is excited to welcome you to Christ Church!

  • John Flader, Jr. Warden

  • Karen Holmes

    Karen is serving as our Secretary. We are, once again, lucky to have Karen serving in this capacity!

  • Susan Vasone, Interim Treasurer

  • Jackie Mullady, Vestry Member

    Jackie Mullady was raised Episcopalian and as a child loved being part of the community. She joined Christ Church with her 2 daughters - one was baptized at Christ Church in 2019. Her children actively participate in church school as well! She started on the Vestry in 2021 and also helps with the church’s social media accounts. She is excited for Christ Church’s future!

  • Ginnie Glassman, Vestry Member

    Ginnie Glassman was received into the Episcopal Church in 1995 and joined Christ Church in 2018. She is very happy to be part of this caring community of people and enjoys being part of church activities. This is her second year on Vestry. She is active in the parish as a Worship Leader, Lay Preacher, Lector, Eucharistic Visitor, and Prayer Group Leader. She has also been leading Lay Preacher Training for the Diocese. She is glad to see new members of the parish and wants to work to support that growth.

  • Howie Meehan, Vestry Member

  • Vanessa Woods, Eliane Baijal, and Marala Baijal

    Vanessa, Eliane, and Marala are three of the founding members of Christ Church Trumbull's Anti-Racism Alliance. They will serve on the vestry as rotating members. We are very thankful for their participation!