Christ Church Trumbull Vestry


  • Martine Yourieff

    Martine Yourieff is our Senior Warden and has been a member of Christ Church Trumbull for almost 30 years. During this time she has served on the Vestry (Christian Formation) and as Church School Director and likes to help with Outreach activities. In addition, Martine loves to work in  the Church garden (together with her husband, Tim, and other Parish friends) and is also on the Executive Council of the Greater Bridgeport Ministry Network. (Formerly the G.B Deanery.) She describes the Christ Church Tashua family as  ‘vibrant & nurturing’ adding  “There is a real sense of community and fellowship here.” Look for Martine and her daughters, Georgia and Claudia, at the Face Painting tent at our annual Apple Festival. 

  • Margaret Marcotte

    Margaret Marcotte has been an active member of Christ Church Trumbull for over 18 years and currently serves as Treasurer and Representative to its Anti-Racism Task Force. Her service to the church and community includes tenures as Treasurer - during the construction of the church’s main addition already a decade ago - and Vestry Member for Outreach and Christian Formation. She also occasionally serves as Lay Assistant on the altar. Having spent her youth as an active church chorister, she enjoys sacred music and traditional services but is slowly coming around to - and enjoying! - more contemporary practices. Her two daughters, Marala and Eliane, have been baptized and participate actively in the Episcopal church, yet have learned the sanctity in honoring others’ religions because of the bi-cultural environment in which they’ve been raised. Their commitment to racial equity has spurred them to elevate their voices and actions through the church in calling for change.

  • John Holmes

    John is currently serving as our Junior Warden.

  • John Goepfrich

    John currently serves as Secretary. He is in his second year as a member of the vestry and has been a member of Christ Church for the past three years. John and his wife, Sara, love being able to walk to their neighborhood church with their young children, Jack and Evie.

  • Lisa Woods, Vestry Member

    Lisa Woods has been an active member of Christ Church for over 11 years. During this time she served on the Vestry, taught Sunday School and has co-chaired the annual Apple Festival for the last six years. She currently serves on the Vestry, Fundraising Committee and is the Liaison for Fundraising, Outreach, Stewardship and Financial Wellness. She describes the church community as ' welcoming and supportive' adding "Everyone wants to feel like they belong and can be themselves and I found this to be true at Christ Church." In addition, Lisa loves to travel with her husband, Strick, and their two children Vanessa and Collin.

  • Patrick Foster, Vestry Member

    Patrick Foster is one of the newest members of the Vestry. He’s also a longtime parishioner of Christ Church Trumbull - he and his wife Diane were married in the church in 1980. Pat has served as a Sunday School teacher, as well as Lector and Greeter. He currently chairs the church’s Website Committee and serves on the Apple Festival Committee as well. “Christ Church Tashua is an integral part of our lives” he notes “the first time I came here it felt like home, and it has remained that way for 40 years."

  • Jackie Mullady

    Jackie Mullady was raised Episcopalian and as a child loved being part of the community. She joined Christ Church with her 2 daughters - one was baptized at Christ Church in 2019. Her children actively participate in church school as well! She started on the Vestry in 2021 and also helps with the church’s social media accounts. She is excited for Christ Church’s future!

  • John Flader, Vestry Member