Elizabeth's Vision for Education

EVE Foundation

  • Mission Statement

    To educate Maasai children with visual impairments, educate Maasai parents on prevention of vision loss and to rescue girls from female circumcision and early marriage.

  • The Need and The Vision

    The Need: Children with visual impairment are now mainstreamed in Kenya, however they need more intensive training in life skills in order to successfully function independently.

    The Vision: To educate children with visual impairments and girls at risk, to reach their potential and to become independent individuals, able to support themselves and live with dignity.

  • EVE Education

    EVE creates a safe living environment for children where they can blossom and learn, without the interference of harmful traditions that restrict healthy development of children.

  • Dangers that Interfere with Education

    For Americans, it may be hard to believe, but a primary danger is from elephants which attack people of all ages in the Maasai district, discouraging parents from sending their children to school. Malnutrition is also common; many children are hungry and unable to learn. Maasai children often live long distances from established schools, making it impractical for them to attend.

  • Children with visual impairments are stigmatized by their disability. Their parents may be ashamed of their disability and parents may be reluctant for them to be seen and acknowledged, publicly. In addition, these are poor families who cannot afford supplies and boarding fees for schools where visually impaired children can receive the help they need.

    Girls are also endangered by traditions that require female circumcision and the early marriage of young girls.

  • What EVE is Currently Doing

    Beginning in the school year of 2013-14, EVE sponsored five children, providing all their supplies which include uniforms, books and boarding fees. These children are enrolled in the Narok Integrated Program for the Visually Impaired (NIPVI) located at Ole Sankale Primary Boarding School. Narok is located approximately three hours south of Nairobi, Kenya. It is near the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

  • The Short and Long Term Goals of EVE

    The Short Term Goal: To enroll at least 10 children for the school year, doubling EVE's enrollment. The cost per child is $300 each school year, which covers three Kenyan semesters of school.

    The Long Term Goal: To build three dormitories, one each for visually impaired boys and girls, and a third to provide shelter for girls escaping female circumcision and early marriages. The vision includes space for a dining hall and a resource room, to provide training in life skills, braille and computers.

  • The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Kalu

    Kalu began helping and financially supporting blind children in Maasai nearly 10 years ago. Having been born and raised in Maasai, Kalu works directly with local leaders and partners to create a network of support around each child.