Elizabeth's Vision for Education

EVE (Elizabeth Vision of Education for Maasai Visually Impaired Children)

  • Maasai

    The Maasai is a tribe living in northern, central and southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.

  • Blindness and Visual Impairment

    40% of Maasai children are visually impaired due to the lack of clean water, vegetables, and antibiotics. Many blind and visually impaired Maasai children cannot go to school because their families cannot afford the fees and the children cannot navigate the commute.

  • The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Kalu

    Kalu began helping and financially supporting blind children in Maasai nearly 10 years ago. Having been born and raised in Maasai, Kalu works directly with local leaders and partners to create a network of support around each child.

  • Virtual Fundraiser

    It costs just $300 to pay for school fees, food, clothing, and housing for one blind maasai child each calendar year. Please scan the QR code to help change a child's life! Please note: due to the delta variant, we are cancelling our in-person fundraiser and making this a virtual fundraiser!