Children's Ministries

  • School

    We have several classrooms for kids ages 6months to 12. When school is in session, we offer Sunday school for the first half of our 10am service. During the summer months, we offer an informal childcare with lots of outdoor time during our 9am service. You will have a chance to pray, listen to scripture and the sermon and then your kids will join you when it’s time for communion. We have a team of Sunday School teachers who help our kids learn about God, creation, and prayer through Bible reading, crafts, music, and outdoor activities. Our teacher to child ratio is really great, so our teachers have a chance to individualize lesson plans for the kids in their classroom.

  • Parents

    We have found that once kids come to Sunday School, they beg their parents to come back. Please let us know if you have any questions at all or you would like to meet with us before service starts to get to know us and introduce your child to the classroom.

  • Participation

    We encourage our teens to participate in the full worship service. They love to hang out together in the back pew together. We also encourage our teens to take an active role in the church through reading scripture, serving on the altar, helping out with our Sunday School classes, and participating in outreach activities. This gives them the opportunity to put their faith into action through leadership, mentoring, and service. Feel free to contact us to find ways that your teen grow at Christ Church.