Looking to get more involved?

At Christ Church our mission is to open our hearts to Christ and our arms to all. We love God and look for ways to increase our faith, devotion, and spiritual life. We believe that Christ calls us to love one another, so we also look for ways to extend God’s love to one another and our community.

Spiritual Growth

If you are looking for a closer connection with God in Christ we encourage you to attend our 9am Sunday worship online via zoom or via facebook live. We also encouraged you to attend our Zoom Prayer Group and Zoom Meditation Group on Mondays at 12noon. We host a hiking worship experience once a month called Wandering Church. We collaborate with anther local Church for weekly Bible Study on Thursdays at 7:30pm via zoom. We also host spiritual growth series, book clubs, and we regularly post bible insights and encouraging words to our social media platforms so be on the look out for new offerings and click on our calendar for our latest updates.

Kids and Families

It goes without saying that young kids and their parents have been through a lot since March 2020. You are in our prayers! We have a super informal Sunday school via zoom Sundays from 10:30-11am that prioritize social, emotional, and spiritual connection among the kids.  This is not your regular online class experience. The kids in our church beg their parents to attend, and they love new kids. This is a great place for your kids to ask those big God questions and connect with other kids exploring their faith. We also have monthly in person events for kids and families. Click here for the latest family and kid calendar updates.

Earth and Garden

At Christ Church we believe that we must give back to God’s creation as  it gives so much to us. We have created a hiking worship experience called Wandering Church. You can join our Wandering Church facebook group to get updates on our next hike. We also have a vigorous gardening group called Friends of the Garden or “Fogies.” The Fogies get together to weed, mulch, plant, and from time to time to share a meal.  The Fogies say there is nothing more nourishing than digging our hands in the fresh, cool dirt. It helps us stay fit and moving, it connects us with one another, and it connects us with God’s beautiful earth. Leaders of the Foggies will also be giving “Garden Talks.” For the latest Wandering Church, Foggie events, and Garden Talks click on our calendar.

Social Justice

We take seriously Jesus’ commandment that we love one another. We also take seriously the promise we make in our baptism to “strive for justice and peace among all people” and “to respect the dignity of every human being.” We have an active group of young adults who lead the Anti-Racism Alliance. The group works to increase awareness of racism and move people to anti-racism action. They do so through a website of educational resources and action steps as well as a monthly anti-racism toolkit email that includes with education resources and action steps around a particular anti-racism topic. You can sign up for the Anti-Racism monthly newsletter and learn more here. At Christ Church we also have an active Outreach group that creates monthly outreach events to give back to our community. This group has helped our community serve the homeless, those experiencing food scarcity, those adults who want to learn to read, refugees, those in recovery, single mothers, city locked kids looking for an outdoor experience, and more. If you are interested in giving back to our community click on our calendar for the latest outreach events.