Kid’s Videos

During this time, we all have a lot of questions and sometimes our kids ask questions about God that are really hard to answer. We are also all already getting a little stir crazy. For some our anxiety is higher, for others life is busier with grocery runs, extra cleaning, and figuring out work from home or new childcare options.

During this surreal time, I’m going to post videos for your kids and families to help pass the time and give some responses to these really tough and great kid questions! These are not definitive answers, but hopefully, they will give you and your kids a little bit of God’s peace in the midst of all this.

Please send in your kids questions and prayer requests! You can email them to or use our Prayer page on this website.



Q: I’m frustrated and bored. What do I do now?

A: Look at nature and say thank you to God.


Q: What can I do? I’m just a kid.

A: You can dance and pray!



Q: Did God make the vrona virus?

A: No. God makes all the good things and God is stronger than any bad thing.



Q: How do I pray?

A: Let’s read a story about how Jesus taught us to pray.