Sundays 2:30pm

Worship, Gather, Pray, Receive 

Services Begin: November 29th

How do I participate?

  1. Wander somewhere. Find a trail, go for a walk in your neighborhood, or get out in your yard.  Breathe in the air outside, take in the beauty that is all around you.
  2. We encourage you to listen to the “Pray as you Go” podcast or download the app and listen while you wander, but you can also begin by joining us at 2:30pm.
  3. At 2:30pm join us via this  ZOOM LINK   for a 20 minute service of spiritual communion. You may stay outside and join the zoom on your phone or you may wander back home to enjoy the service in the comforts of your home. You may say the responses and sing along or you may simply breathe, listen, and take in the beauty of the worship and the nature you have experienced. You may use this leaflet to follow along:   Wandering Church Liturgy Advent 1 Leaflet
  4. After the service, we will have time for fellowship to talk about the passage that was read in Pray as you Go and read at the start of our service. We invite you into the sacred space and hope that God blesses you richly in the midst of God’s creation.
  5. Share your photos and wandering adventures with us on our Christ Church Trumbull facebook page.

     There's no bad weather, only bad gear. Make sure you have waterproof pants, a coat, and boots so you can get out in the rain. The forest is beautiful in the rain and you will not believe how pleasant the sound of rain is in the leaves. Make sure you have gloves, a winter coat, snow pants and snow boots, a hat, and a face mask for the colder weather. Even if it is not snowing, if you want to be out in cold weather, you will need this gear.


     If you are going for a longer hike in the woods, make sure you bring extra socks and if you have kids extra pants for the kiddos in case your adventure brings you to fun stream and you get a bit curious about that rock in the middle of the stream that just maybe you can reach... but you don't. Make sure to bring some toilet paper. Bring wipes to wash your hands before you eat. Pack some lightweight snacks. Remember a small plastic bag to throw all your trash in. Carry in/Carry out.