Society of Saint John the Evangelist


Come, Pray

SSJE, The Society of Saint John the Evangelist, is an Episcopal Monastic community in Massachusetts. They live life “rooted in the ancient monastic traditions of prayer and community life, [while also remaining] critically engaged with contemporary culture.” The brothers at SSJE “seek to know and share an authentic experience of God’s love and mercy.”

Over the years of my formation and ministry, I have been deeply enriched by the service and ministry of the SSJE community. I commend their lenten offerings to you this Lent 2021.

Please find below an introduction to their “Come, Pray” offering and click on the image below to view their videos and learn more.

“After the last year in which churches around the world have been closed and congregations scattered, the SSJE Brothers invite you to “Come, Pray.” Join us in the receiving the daily gift of prayer – at home or wherever you find yourself. Across the weeks of Lent, listen in as Brothers discuss the rich and varied ways we pray, together in church and in our personal prayer. Then join us for worship, exploring a rich array of live-streamed services, culminating in the glories of Holy Week. ‘Come, pray in me the prayer I need this day.'”