August 31st Tenth Annual Summer Bakeless Bake Sale Fundraiser


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A bit of news we have today…
A Bakeless Bake Sale is on the way.

In these busy days, who wants to bake,
a pie or cookies or even a cake?

You’d be surprised if you counted the cost,
of ingredients, heat, and the time you’ve lost. Baking for sale is extra work.
Yet nobody wants to shirk.

So we’ve thought of a plan that’s really grand, and feel quite sure you’ll understand.

In an envelope, if you like please include the price… of a pie or a cake or anything nice.

Without fuss or bother, you’ve done your part. We hope you’ll give with a willing heart.

Wishing success for our BAKELESS BAKE SALE. This is the end of our little tale.

Please make checks payable to:
ECW Christ Church Tashua.

Your stamp on the enclosed envelope
is greatly appreciated.

Kindly return by August 31, 2019